Thursday, September 18, 2008

Has love waxed cold?

Have you noticed the lack of Christian love between brothers and sisters in Christ.
Not a superficial love of cordiality, but a love that suffers wrong, a love that considers others better than ourselves. I am not surprised at this, as God told me the love of many will wax cold in these last days, it just hurts to see it lived out.
It makes me think of the Apostle John who went through so much and still at the end of his life writes, my little children let us not love in word, neither in tongue, but in deed and truth. Not just talking about love with each other, but actually forebearing one anothers faults, truly forgiving, praying for, exhorting and ministering to others. When this love is done in “truth” it is done whole-heartedly, without grudging.
In living this way we can be hurt deeply, but we have not suffered unto blood as Jesus has.
Have we become a soft selfish nation, with no time, let alone love for others?
Has the lack of love infiltrated your church or life and affected it?
What are you doing to change this?
Blessings, Lady

orginally penned by "Hiz"Ladybug 11-06

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