Sunday, August 3, 2008

Early Morning Light

In the early morning light when the stars begin to fade

When you call for me,

To bow in silence as the birds begin their serenade

And the night begins to flee,

To listen for the still small voice that fills my heart with song.

As you draw me near

Under Your shadow, close to Your heart is where I belong.

I will not fear.

My trust is in You… My God my Savior and Lord.

My life is in Your hands.

On Your mercy I fall, in Your grace I stand, Your Spirit poured

Like the sands of time,

In the hour glass, time slips away as we are close and yet

You send me out.

After You’ve heard my cries and wiped my tears to share. What?

You Jesus! … Without a doubt.

Blessings, Lady

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