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Revelation 7-8

Revelation Chapter 7

Remember to read along in your own Bible

Pause to fill in details Revelation 7:1-3
Remember NO timeline in Heaven
Meta Tuata>>> After these things (After things in Chapter 6)
Parenthetical Description at beginning of Tribulation Period
4 Angels standing at 4 corners of the earth
4 Corners…a figure of speech N S E W Entire Planet
Given to angels to hurt the earth and the oceans
Holding back the 4 winds
Winds of Judgment
Held back for the purpose of Sealing people on this earth
Remember….Church is in Heaven and we are sealed with the Holy Spirit
And Raptured at the beginning of Chapter 4
(We are pitiful witness, nevertheless we are HIS witnesses.)
God promised He would NOT leave the earth without a witness…144,000!
Jewish Male virgins. NOT JW’s SDA or anyone else.
This will be a great revival AFTER the Rapture!
Apostasy will run rampant!

2Th 2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;
A great departure…from truth or from the earth???

As a side note...check out my post on Discernement vs. Deception

Wax & Clay Revelation 7:1-3

Wax melts in Heat ( Picture of a surrendered heart)
Clay is hardened by heat ( Picture of a hardened heart)
The Heat is from the same sun, BUT the Material is different
Judgments are the same…BUT the hearts of the individuals are different

When trouble Comes
It draws some hearts to God
Drives some away (Bitterness, anger, no fellowship)
John saw an angel rising from the east
These 4 angels given power to hurt
Seal of God
Angels ranked in order
Arch Angel giving orders
Something bad is on it’s way BUT God takes time out to seal His own
Angels wait

144,000 Revelation 7:4
God promises to take church out of scene
So why would you claim to be one of the 144,000
Like JW’s SDA, or Garner Ted Armstrong (World wide church of God)
Israel in Prophecy
To claim being 144,000 you must take Israel out of end times prophecy
(Doesn’t work)
BIBLE….God is not finished with Israel

“Replacement Theology”
Church Replaces Israel

Kingdom on earth is here now…NOT!
(this is not peace)

“Kingdom Now”
Building Kingdom without Isreal

5 Covenants with Israel Revelation 7:4
4 out of 5 are unconditional

Abrahamic Covenant
Still in affect
God will bless those who bless Israel and cruse those who curse them
God passed through the sacrafice
Holy Land Covenant
(Not Palestinian)
God promises approx 30,000 square miles to Israel
They only comprise one tenth of that today
Mosaic Covenant
Only Conditional one
Known as the Law
God will bless Israel when they are obedient to Him
Davidic Covenant
Promise that the eternal King would come through David’s lineage
This is not based on David…he was a louse and a weasel, but considered a man after God’s own heart!
New Covenant
God promises Israel a new heart
Jeremiah 31

12 Tribes but where is DAN?
Deut 29-tribe of Dan falls into idolatry In Genesis Jacob gives inheritance to Mannasseh
Manassah is in place of Dan
But Dan is not blotted out forever
In Millineum Dan is right there!

Common Denominator Revelation 7:9-17
Some will slowly realize one thing…those that were raptured have faith in Jesus Christ
144.00 will be witnesses of Jesus for 7 years on earth during TRIB
Millions will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ during Great Trib
Now that’s Revival!

Who are these
On of the 24 elders asks John
John says you know…I don’t know (He doesn’t’ recognize them)
Those who have received Jesus during the tribulation period
Not part of the Bride…BUT in Heaven
The Bride is an honored position!
Will people be saved during the Great Tribulation? YES

The seventh Seal Chapter 8 1-4
All the praise and worship STOPS
No time in heaven …but about a half an hour
( Wonder if it will feel like an eternity)
Jesus..the only one worthy OPENS THE 7th SEAL
Jesus is at the throne Standing as the lion of Judah
Jesus is in Complete control
30 minutes of SILENCE
Church, OT Saints, Tribulation Saints and Angels QUIET
Judgments are coming so violent &terrible
Nothing like this BAD has ever nor will ever happen
7th seal brings anti Christ on the scene
(first haf of trib is false Peace)
7th seal brings 1st trumpet happens at about 3 ½ years into tribulation

7 angels given 7 trumpets
Angel has golden bowl and goes to altar with offerings of prayers (ours)
Smoke and incense and prayers rise to God
Angel filled bowl with fire from the Altar

Thunder and BVoicesRevelation 8:1-5
Lighting and thunder
Impending storm coming
Voice implies intelligence
Earthquake…earths response to tremendous pressure

Trumpets ready to sound Revelation 8:6
Angels prepare to sound
½ hour of silence

The 1st Trumpet Blast Rev 8:7
Hail and fire mingled with Blood
Falls on the earth
1/3 of all grass and 1/3 of all trees
(Pollution, lack of oxygen, ugly)
Ezekeil 38 & 39? Gog’s invasion?

These are Literal judgements
Like the literal plagues on Eygypt in Exodus

Second Trumpet Rev 8:8-9
Something as large as a mountain fall into the ocean
1/3 of all sea life dies
1/3 of all ships are destroyed
(the stench in the seas YUCK and shipping will be affected)

The third trumpet Rev 8:10-11
Star from heaven and outer space falls from sky (Possibly nuclear)
1/3 third of all fresh water-polluted
Name of Star is wormwood
In Russian Wormwood is “Chernobyl”
Waters are poisonous and many will die

The fourth trumpet Rev 8:12
1/3 part of Sun is smitten (Dimmed)
as well as 1/3 of all stars and the moon
(Possibly less heat and light from a nuclear fall out)

WOES Rev 8:13
Angels fly through the midst of heaven
Woe, Woe, Woe……Calamity troubles judgments
Three more judgements to come
Greater intensity with next three
First 4 trumpets dealt with natural
Next 3 are the spiritual realm (Demonic)
Remember angels are warring right now
All this was written in the Bible for all to read, 2,000 years of warning and yet…many will be surprised when it happens.

Blessings, Lady

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