Friday, August 8, 2008

Matthew 4

Verses 1-11 Jesus goes to the wilderness after the baptism and is tempted by Satan, and Jesus dismisses the temptation with scripture.

Verses 12-16 The news that John was put into prison made it’s way to Jesus. Jesus went to
Galilee where the people who were in darkness now saw a great light.

Verse 17 Jesus ministry begins

Verse 18-22 Jesus calls two sets of brothers, Peter and Andrew, James and John, all of whom were fishermen, to become fishers of men.

Verse 23-25 Jesus went around
Galilee teaching and preaching, and healing. Word of what Jesus was doing spread throughout the region and great multitudes followed Him. The same power that created the universe that created us, that raised Jesus from the dead is available to us through the Holy Spirit. The word of God shows us that times of testing will come into our lives, and Jesus shows us how to handle them. What do we need or turn to during these times of spiritual combat? Do we even recognize that it is spiritual battle? Eve listened to the temptation of our enemy, and he (satan) would love to steal kill and destroy our lives, ministries, witness, families and friends. How are we guarding our hearts from the enemy? Do you think John might have been tempted to think that Jesus, his own cousin, might have forgotten him? The news of his (John’s) imprisonment reached Jesus and yet He (Jesus) began to be in the public eye and became popular among the people. The Jews were looking for an Earthly leader and it looked as if he had arrived. Where do we seek our approval from, the eyes of man, or the heart of God? It’s interesting to think that Jesus called ordinary fishermen to follow him. By spending time with Jesus the fishermen’s lives were truly changed. Where should we find our example, and are we living as godly example’s to others? The Son of God, left glorious heaven, to come to earth to teach, preach and heal, be crucified, and resurrected, that we might repent and believe on Him. The message God had to give us was so important Jesus came willingly to share it in person, what an amazing love our Bridegroom Jesus has for us His Bride!

Blessings, Lady

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