Thursday, August 28, 2008

Christian Misconceptions or Truth?

I was recently asked if the following were Christian Misconceptions or Truth. I posted my answers...what would you say?

1 - Once you become a Christian, God will solve all of your problems.
Remember Joseph? He was left for dead by his own brothers, He was falsely accused and put in prison, and yet God was actually preparing him for God's use to help his own family during a famine in the's all in our perspective.

2 - Becoming a Christian means giving up all fun and following a life of rules.
The fun part ... It just depends on what you call fun. I love to spend time with my family, my church family, reading my Bible, spoiling my Granddaughter with lots of love, making a house a home, and sharing Jesus with others, so no I'm not giving up "the fun stuff". The rules....when we become believers we are no longer under the law and do not have rules that tell us taste not, touch not, do not, but instead we love our God and our neighbors with our whole heart because He first loved us...we choose to love Him.

3 - All Christians are loving, perfect people.
Not this one....we are not perfect until we get to heaven. Even a believer still sins and we sill struggle with sin till the day we die. We will struggle with the world the flesh and the enemy until we are out of here! And that will be by death or by RAPTURE. I'm counting on the Rapture anytime soon!

4 - Bad things don't happen to truly godly Christians.
Paul was not a cartoon character, he was a real man that was shipwrecked three times, bitten by snakes, stoned and left or dead and so much more. Think of all the apostles..they were beaten and tortured and boiled in oil and sawn in two, and one died on a cross upside down. Corrie Ten Boom, and just think of all the other modern day believers being persecuted for their faith. Should God tarry much longer, there may be much more of this going on.

5 - Christian ministers and missionaries are more spiritual than other believers.
Ha! They are mere men and women just like everyone else. They are also held to a higher standard, so others may "consider" ministers and missionaries "holier than thou", to defend the sin in their own lives.

6 - Christian churches are always safe places, where you can trust everyone.
For ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God!

7 - Christians should never say anything that might offend someone or hurt someone else's feelings.
Woooooie! Someone should have told Jesus that before He spoke to the Pharisees and told them they were white washed tombs, and what about when He cleared out the merchants from the temple?

8 - As a Christian you should not associate with unbelievers.
Jesus ate with collectors, women of ill repute, Judas!
However, His inner circle of followers were the Apostles and within that Peter James and John. He used wisdom and so should we.

9 - Christians should not enjoy any earthly pleasures.
God made us for HIS pleasure, and whatever we do let it glorify God. We are not here for our own dining and listening pleasure as my Pastor reminds us.

10 - Christians always feel close to God.
Oh yeah right! Like Elijah? Who ran and hid from a woman! And pegged the Waaaay Meter!
Lord! There is no one else that serves you like I do, where are You? God still loved him, and even fed him with food that a Raven brought to him. God refreshed him and reassured Him that there are 7,000 others who do not serve Baal. Elijah didn't "feel" close to God and we may not at times, but in those times God may be testing us to see if we will walk by "faith" not by sight.

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Blessings, Lady

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Marsha said...

Ok, I posted the questions on my blog. My answers are not very lengthy because I don't have much time here, but I did the best I could.